What CCDD Does?

CCDD provides an ethical mediation and conflict resolution service.  We provide training in conflict resolution for community activists and others.  We raise awareness of the nature and causes of disputes or conflicts and of the means of managing them and, assisting in the development of effective non-violent responses to conflict.

What CCDD advocates

  • The advancement of human rights, the resolving of conflict, the promotion of equality, diversity, and religious and racial harmony

  • The advancement of citizenship and community development

  • The advancement of education

How CCDD works

  • Providing advice/advocacy/information

  • Providing mediation services

  • Offering counselling/support services

  • Providing education/training

  • Complying with and promoting human rights/equality


CCDD Core Functions:

  • Mediation (Micro Level Intervention)

  • Conflict Resolution (Macro Level Intervention)

  • Promoting Restorative Justice Practices.

  • Promoting Non-Violence

  • Promoting specific mediation and restorative justice training which is in compliance with human rights standards

  • Providing personal development/employability training to disaffected republicans

  • Encouraging dialogue in relation to social and political issues

  • Listening to the voice of dissenting republicans