The Centre for Civic Dialogue and Development (CCDD) seeks to promote solution focused dialogue with those in dispute. We seek to enhance the skills of those in leadership positions to enable them to respond to the challenges of our times.

Central to what we do is the relevance and importance of linking political and Social Activism to deliver tangible, realistic, and sustainable outcomes.  Accountability and transparency for both Political and Civic Leadership is essential if it is to command the support of wider society.


 “To bring out the best in people, helping them to change their lives, their community and our world for the better  and to enhance their personal well-being”


 “To deliver the best mediation and training services to our customers, while keeping human rights, central to our operations”


Ethical Standards: To adhere to our code of ethics, promoting justice, equality, empowerment, and freedom of choice to our staff team and wider society. 

Integrity: To be consistently open, honest, and transparent in what we do.

Impartiality: To act always in the best interests of our customers, promoting their rights to make choices and to engage with our services at their pace.

Influence: To act as advocates for positive change in society

Confidentiality: To recognise, support and commit ourselves to our confidentiality policy.

Respect: To respect the rights of others to their privacy.

Knowledge: To be the best we can be by investing in staff training and development

Accomplishment:  To encourage staff to take pride in their work, to know that they have done the best they can do and, in the process, have delivered on our organisational vision.

Recognition: To value the input of our staff and to value them as individuals.

Courage: To always do the right thing and to do so with integrity.

Responsibility: To be held accountable for what we do, by others.

Creativity: To seek new and challenging ways to do things better

Dedication:  To undertake our work in the belief that we are contributing to a better society.

The Aim of CCDD

  1. To promote conflict resolution and reconciliation, mediation, and peaceful dialogue with a view to building and maintaining social cohesion and trust within and between communities.                                            

  2. To provide for the mediation and support services

a. For people who may be at risk of physical attack

b. For those who are at risk of being socially excluded, and

c. To assist those so excluded or marginalised to integrate back into civic society.